CoinGuard - Simple security for your stuff!


CoinGuard safeguards your personal valuables with a motion detection device that sends an alert to your smartphone when it is touched.



Introducing CoinGuard
CoinGuard is a new type of product for personal home security. Unlike traditional home security systems, CoinGuard is extremely simple to set up while not sacrificing any effectiveness. In a nutshell, the tiny CoinGuard sensor detects movement and vibrations and sends an alert to your smartphone. Just place CoinGuard with any valuables that you would like to protect - if anyone tampers with them, CoinGuard will let you know, anywhere in the world! What could be easier than that? 





The CoinGuard system consists of a small, coin-sized wireless sensor, a gateway to link to your home network, a cloud-based monitoring system, and the iHomeWare smartphone application.
The CoinGuard wireless sensor is battery powered, and the replaceable battery will last for over a year, depending on use. With a range of up to 100 meters from the gateway, you can reliably put the sensor almost anywhere in your house. And with its precisely-tuned vibration sensor, you can rest easy knowing that any attempt to move the sensor will trigger a notification.


It is small and lightweight, and rather beautiful if you ask us! The smooth, simple, modern design belies the advanced technology contained within. The durable outer ring provides three useful attach points, and the clean design is unobtrusive, even when placed in a conspicuous location.





The cloud-based monitoring system is the link between your home and your mobile phone. If someone touches your CoinGuard sensor while you are away, the cloud will make sure you get the notification immediately.
The iHomeWare smartphone application puts the power of the CoinGuard system into the palm of your hand. With multiple flexible security scenarios, you can control exactly which sensors are armed when you are away and which are disarmed when you are home. iHomeWare is even capable of controlling other home automation devices around your house, including smart lighting and climate controls! And even with so much flexibility, it is sublimely simple to use.







With its small size, battery-powered operation, and wireless connectivity, CoinGuard is incredibly flexible. The uses and applications are nearly unlimited, but there are two primary functions for CoinGuard:

  • Security and theft prevention
  • Safeguarding dangerous items

Security is a top priority for CoinGuard and there are thousands of uses. Besides protecting obvious valuables like jewelry boxes and home safes, CoinGuard can also provide intrusion detection by attaching it to doors, windows, and other entry points.

But there is more to CoinGuard than theft prevention. It can also be used to keep your kids away from dangerous household items like cleaning products, medications, firearms, and tools. Or maybe you just want to keep them out of the cookie jar!